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Nazzareno Tamboli came to the Mid-South in 1909 as a part of a migration of folks who later became known as the Delta Italians. The Delta Italians came in search of fertile land and good jobs. Nazzareno didn’t take to picking cotton, and soon returned to Italy's Adriatic coast. His son Ruggero (Roy), however, stayed in Mississippi hoping for better luck.

Many Delta Italians earned a living growing vegetables for market and cultivated an industry of "truck farming." Which is known today as "market gardening".

Miles Tamboli picked up where the Delta Italians left off; growing seasonal produce for the farmers market. After a visit to the Tamboli homeland, Miles started making pasta and other Italian goods to take to market. Business took off, and now the Tamboli’s are proud to share their love for fresh Italian-inspired foods by feeding Memphians at Tamboli’s Pasta & Pizza.

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At Tamboli’s Pasta & Pizza, our number one goal is to feed you well. Our philosophy goes beyond portion size or product quality; we source our ingredients intentionally from local providers and hand-craft them into your meal so that we know you’re eating the best food we can produce. That way you can know you’re playing a vital role in the local economy by supporting local farmers.

Feeding people well also means cultivating a lively, nourishing space. We’re here to have a good time. Our building has been in our family for decades, and when you eat with us, you’re at the family table.


1761 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104


Tues-Sat: 5pm-10pm